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Pro-life musician’s ‘Fight for Your Marriage’ video is a hit with 571K views and climbing

Fr. Mark Hodges Fr. Mark Hodges

NAPLES, Florida, November 17, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) — Pro-life Christian artist Joyce Im Bartholomew's latest video, "Fight For Our Marriage," has gone viral, with more than a half a million views on YouTube.

The pro-marriage song is resonating with the public, with 571,520 views and counting.  

The song focuses on staying in a marriage through ups and downs. The video is a mini-synopsis of life, with challenges spouses face, including health issues, hurt feelings, and disharmony.

"My inspiration for writing and producing ‘Fight For Our Marriage’ comes first from my own struggles in my lengthy marriage, and secondly from seeing too many people give up and divorce too quickly," Joyce explained in a press release. "I saw the power of Christ heal our own broken marriage during the most hopeless and hateful state, and see how much better and stronger the marriage is after reconciliation, forgiveness, acceptance, and love."

Joyce says she wants her song and video to influence others to work their marriages out. "I want people not to give up so easily," she said. "I want people to keep their families together. I want people to honor their promises made before God. I want people to fight for their marriages."

Ryan Dugger, who directed the viral video, agrees with Joyce's hopes for the song. "I believe that a marriage deeply rooted in a common love with Christ has the ability to overcome anything that is thrown their way," he explained. "I hope that this story inspires and ignites hearts to fight for the ones they love."

"Fight For Our Marriage" is the latest release from Joyce's album, "Songs From The Deep."

A Christian singer since age eight, Joyce is heavily involved in the pro-life movement. One of her songs, "What Was Your Name," focuses on the regret of a post-abortive mother.

"For a few years now, I have been the volunteer spokesperson and opening act for pro-life fundraising concerts hosted by Mission: PreBorn," Joyce shared. Mission: PreBorn is a ministry raising funds to provide pregnancy centers with ultrasound equipment and free ultrasounds to women in need.

She has also worked as a counselor at a crisis pregnancy center. For Joyce, helping women facing difficult choices is following the words of Jesus.

“Jesus asks us to love our neighbor as ourselves. This is why I do pro-life work,” she explained.  “The baby in the womb is also my neighbor.”

View the viral video here.


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