By John-Henry Westen

PORT AU PRINCE, HAITI, January 13, 2010 ( – The devastating earthquake which hit Haiti last night, leaving over 100,000 dead according to the Haitian Prime Minister, has called forth aid from all corners of the globe. Pro-life individuals wishing to make donations to the relief efforts have wondered where to donate without compromising their morals by donating to agencies that do not respect the right to life of the unborn.

Certain aid agencies, while ostensibly respecting the right to life, have nevertheless funded pro-abortion groups in locales where aid is required. For instance, reported last March that the Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace (D&P), was funding two pro-abortion groups in Haiti.

Efforts in the United States to reform the Catholic Campaign for Human Development, which has been found in similar pro-abortion entanglements, have led to the compilation of lists of pro-life agencies to which pro-life individuals may donate with confidence.

The Reform CCHD coalition has noted several groups which can be safely supported. One of those groups is doing specific outreaches to Haitian disaster relief.

It is Cross International.

Other such agencies, Haiti Mission and Chalice (a Canadian group) are also fully committed to the right to life in undertaking their charitable work in the now-devastated nation. spoke with Deacon Lloyd Duplantis of Haiti Mission. Haiti Mission focuses mainly on providing potable water to the poor in the Jeremie region of Haiti.

Duplantis, who spent the night in prayer after hearing about the devastation, told LSN that his contacts in the region informed him that the quake lasted some 20 seconds. In addition to the countless numbers of citizens, the quake also claimed the lives of the Archbishop of Port-Au-Prince and the UN Commander. “Bodies are piled in the streets,” he said.

The Director of Haiti Mission said that monies donated are sent through direct deposit accounts to their members in Haiti. Duplantis is awaiting airport clearance to send a team to Haiti from America.

For more information on these groups:

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