OTTAWA, May 8, 2002 ( – The Parliamentary Pro-Life Caucus is holding a press conference on May 9 in conjunction with the 4th annual March for Life, which takes place in Ottawa the following day. By participating in this annual event, Members of Parliament are showing their solidarity with Canadians who are concerned about the sanctity of life from conception to natural death.  “Every MP needs to take a stand for the protection of the unborn. We only have to stop and think for a moment that each and every one of us was an unborn child in the womb at one point in time, and we would not be here today if our moms and dads had not protected us,” said Tory MP Elsie Wayne.  Canadian Alliance MP Maurice Vellacott added: “People talk a lot about choice when it comes to abortion.  Somebody needs to defend the freedom of choice for the little women in the womb. We know that if they were asked, they would choose life.”  The Parliamentary Pro-Life Caucus is a non-partisan caucus open to MPs from every political party. They meet together to pursue strategies for advancing legislation and public policy designed to provide protection for unborn children.  “Life is about making choices and the right to make those choices. Collectively let us give this right to our unborn, the stilled voices who, without our protection, will never have the chance to exercise their right to choose,” said Liberal MP Paul Steckle.  Thursday’s press conference is taking place at 1:15 p.m. in the Charles Lynch Media Room, 130-S Centre Block. The three PPLC co-chairs, Paul Steckle, Maurice Vellacott and Elsie Wayne will be discussing the caucus’s participation in the March for Life. Garry Breitkreuz will also be discussing his Private Member’s Motion (M-392), which is scheduled for debate in the House of Commons on May 22. It calls on the government to consider the importance of redefining human being in Canadian law to include unborn children.