Peter Baklinski


Pro-life postcard campaign shows Calgarians graphic reality of abortion

Peter Baklinski

CALGARY, Alberta, March 6, 2012 ( – Last Wednesday volunteers for a Calgary pro-life organization delivered 2500 postcards that contained graphic images of aborted babies. Their mission: to make it unthinkable for people to allow unborn babies to be killed.

“We are targeting people who are old enough to have abortions. And if they are old enough to have [one], than they are old enough to see [images of one],” said Stephanie Gray, executive director of the Canadian Centre for Bioethical Reform, the organization that is running the campaign.

The postcards bore messages such as “Warning: cigarettes hurt babies. Imagine what abortion does to them,” with an image of a woman smoking side-by-side with an image of a 9-week old aborted baby. Another had the message, “If we wouldn’t let our daughter do it to her doll, why let our daughter to it to her baby?” with a picture of a ripped-apart doll side-by-side with an 8-week old baby dismembered through abortion.

“If something is so horrifying that they can’t stand to look at it then perhaps we shouldn’t be tolerating it,” Grey said to LifeSiteNews.

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Celia Posyniak, director of a Kensington abortion clinic, told CBC News that she and her staff felt that the postcards amounted to harassment. On one postcard were the words “Kensington abortion clinic intentionally kills pre-born children.”

“They’re making it sound like we’re committing some crime, we’re not,” said Posyniak.

“I mean abortion is obviously a legal procedure and it will stay that way. It’s a very important component of women’s reproductive health care,” she said, adding that “it’s important that women are able to access our clinic without harassment from these people and they are harassing us.”

While Gray knows that the images showing the violent reality of abortion are bound to shock people, she told LifeSiteNews that they are completely within their legal rights to show people that reality by means of their postcard campaign. “We work within he law. We don’t break laws, we work with the freedoms that we have,” she said.

The pro-life organization has designed 10 postcards. They initially printed 10,000 and plan to hand them out in the next two months, visiting every community in Calgary. They have plans to spread their pro-life postcard campaign to other pro-life groups in cities across the country.

“Just take a moment, look at the postcard and ask yourself, ‘am I more angry that this has come across my path or am I more angry that within the vicinity of where I live is a building where thousands of children are dismembered, decapitated, and disemboweled every year,’” said Grey.

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