NEW YORK, November 2, 2001 ( – Roman Catholic priest, Father Norman Weslin was told he must surrender himself to McKean Federal Prison, Bradford, Pennsylvania Monday. On October 19, the priest was sentenced by U.S. Federal Judge Richard Arcara to 5 months in federal prison for “criminal” contempt. The priest was guilty of kneeling in silent prayer in full priestly vestments inside a “60’ Banned Free Speech and Religious Expression Zone” set up by Judge Acara outside an abortuary.

Fr. Weslin was not taken into custody immediately after sentencing in what many thought was a move to allow him to serve as a military chaplain. The priest, a 71-year-old retired Lt. Colonel in the United States Army who was in charge of the nuclear defense of New York State, had contacted The Pentagon’s Chaplaincy office to volunteer to serve the military when he gets out of prison.

Mary Quinn of the New York Lambs for Christ, a pro-life group founded by Fr. Weslin, said prayers for Fr. Weslin would be much appreciated. After giving his blessing to all his supporters he said, “You float me on your prayers.”

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