KOLKATA, INDIA, September 27, 2012, ( – The new Archduchess Kathleen of Austria, the wife of Archduke Imre of Austria, is spending part of her honeymoon volunteering with Mother Teresa’s missionaries of charity in Kolkata, India.

Reminding her friends and fans that she is still “Katie,” she and her husband are spending time in a sweltering hot and deeply impoverished corner of the world, where they will be caring for the poorest of the poor.

A long-time pro-life activist and former communications director for American Life League, Katie has dedicated her life to serving the most vulnerable, the preborn. 


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Even though much time has been spent and many lines penciled about her fairytale romance, royal wedding festivities and joining the herd of young royals in Europe, her vocation of service to the poor and her penchant for activism still remain. 

Last week, Katie and Imre stayed in the City Palace of Jaipur, hosted by the Maharaja. Local media spotted the couple in the romantic “Pink City,” but the couple has since moved on to harsher conditions in the impoverished Kolkata. 

The archduchess told The Times of India that Kolkata is special to her because of family ties to the city. 

“My grandfather Charles Kelly, who was posted in Kolkata during the Second World War, used to talk a lot about India and its culture,” she said. “I grew up listening to those stories and wanted to visit this country at least once in my life.”

Kathleen was married to Archduke Imre earlier this month in Washington, D.C.