CLC Press Release, March 16, 1999 (

We are shocked that Health Canada has taken the unusual step to circumvent regulations designed to protect the public from approval of potentially dangerous drugs.

Media reports last week revealed that Health Canada has written Exelgyn, the French company owning the rights to the drug RU-486, to assure it that Canada’s drug-testing process will be ‘fair.’  In doing so, the government has tipped its hand and shown that far from being ‘fair,’ RU-486 may receive favoured treatment in the drug-approval process.

Health Canada is forbidden by law from inviting drug applications because of the appearance of bias.

The letter, written at the behest of the RU-486 supportive B.C.  government, has perhaps revealed the federal government’s bias in the outcome.

Exelgyn founder Edouard Sakiz himself has admitted that RU-486 causes women “an appalling psychological ordeal,” and U.S. trials have shown life-threatening uterine bleeding among other serious side effects.  Not in any sense a “morning after pill,”  RU-486 requires three or four expensive medical visits over one to two weeks, and is neither simple, effective nor safe.

More importantly, RU-486 is not a contraceptive. RU-486 is a powerful steroid specifically designed to kill a preborn child in the womb. The drug would force pharmacists to become abortionists – a development which most pharmacists would find repugnant.

Canadian pro-lifers have always vigorously opposed the expansion of abortion via abortion-inducing drugs. We promise that the movement will launch a boycott of any drug company that manufactures this death drug.

For further information, contact Mary Ellen Douglas at 613-389-4472 or Ted Gerk at 250-862-2550

1. The Food and Drug Act forbids Health Canada from inviting drug applications because of the appearance of bias.
2. “Drug Firm Defends Marketing Strategy,” Le Monde – Guardian Weekly 19 August 1990, p.16

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