WASHINGTON, D.C., January 14, 2011 ( – Reince Priebus, the pro-life head of the Wisconsin Republican party, has won the chairmanship of the Republican National Committee after former chairman Michael Steele gave up the contest for re-election.

Priebus, who has strongly emphasized his pro-life and pro-family views, won over half the votes after the seventh ballot was cast Friday afternoon.

In interviews prior to the election, Priebus told the Susan B Anthony (SBA) List that, “I support our Republican platform which I think is rock solid on the issue of abortion.”

“I think that social issues are the fabric of our society and for us to not be involved with those issues causes us to turn our back on what I think is the foundation of America,” said Priebus. “I believe if I was elected Chair of the RNC that would be something I would have an even bigger obligation to uphold the position I have on abortion.”

Priebus has also established a strong pro-family profile. In debates earlier this month, Priebus said that, “I don’t believe that judges can rewrite the Constitution and redraft what marriage is.” “I think there is a sanctity of marriage. Everyone should be loved but at the end of the day, I believe that marriage through the sanctity of marriage should be between one man and one woman,” he added.

Priebus, like every candidate for the chairmanship, is a proponent of traditional marriage – notable given recent headway made by the homosexualist group GOProud to establish a foothold for the gay agenda within Republican circles.

As chairman of the RNC, Priebus will head up the task of mounting a formidable challenge to President Obama in the 2012 elections.

SBA List president Marjorie Dannenfelser noted that, “During the race, all five candidates affirmed without hesitation their commitment to advancing the right to life.”

“If the candidates’ convictions go this deep, the grassroots must be overwhelmingly so,” she said. “The pro-life grassroots made it clear they expect the RNC chairman to be committed both in principle and in operation to promoting the pro-life agenda.”

This signal, she said, “should not be lost on the potential Republican presidential nominees, especially those who have floated a ‘truce’ on social issues. The GOP has an unshakeable pro-life core. The only truce necessary is on truces themselves.”

The Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza noted that Priebus already has a reputation for unifying tea party and GOP sentiments, seen as one of the most important tasks facing the party: in Wisconsin, Priebus had successfully rallied the GOP behind tea party favorites such as Gov. Scott Walker and Sen. Ron Johnson.