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Senator Daines

WASHINGTON, D.C., January 18, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) – Pro-life Sen. Steve Daines appeared at the March for Life rally Friday to thank the tens of thousands of attendees for their dedication, to pledge to continue to advance the pro-life cause in Congress, and to announce the formation of a new Senate caucus specifically to represent pro-life interests.

“Thanks to each one of you for being here to show the world how strong and important the life movement really is,” the Montana Republican opened his remarks. “Let me tell you something, it’s not just the grandparents who are here, it’s the grandkids who are here today. It is especially great to see so many young people here, so many young faces in the crowd.”

“You are leading this fight, and it is truly my privilege to stand with you, because this is a fight worth having,” he told the crowd’s younger members.

Daines touted the fact that he is the only member of Congress to hold a degree in chemical engineering, and welcomed any of his pro-abortion colleagues to attempt to debate him on the science of fetal development. “Life begins at conception,” he declared. “And because of that, every life must be valued and every life must be protected.”

The senator next expressed gratitude for the pro-life leadership of President Donald Trump, who addressed the March by video message minutes before, and claimed that during Trump’s first two years the Republican Congress had delivered the strongest pro-life results in history. As evidence, he cited 85 conservative federal judges appointed by the president so far, who would remain in office and continue to have an impact regardless of future elections.

“But our work doesn’t stop here, and ladies and gentlemen I have a very exciting announcement to share with you here today,” Daines said next. “I’m very proud to announce that I have founded the first-ever pro-life caucus in the United States Senate.” He pledged that this caucus would stand firmly against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s efforts to push a pro-abortion agenda, with President Trump’s continued pro-life efforts, “and most importantly with all of you.”

Daines elaborated on the caucus’ purpose and significance in an interview with National Review, though he did not yet say which senators would be joining it.

“We’re finally going to have in the Senate what the House has had for many years, so that the House and the Senate can work together on having a more strategic approach in how we’re going to move pro-life policies to the president’s desk,” he said. “We’ll keep the fight up on important legislation like the Pain-Capable Protection Act and the Born Alive Infant Protection Act. We’ll be looking for ways we can find some common agreement, for example on late-term abortion. That should be stopped. There’s no reason the Pain-Capable bill isn’t getting 60 votes. Public opinion is on our side there.”

Daines concluded his March for Life remarks with words of encouragement for the movement’s future.

“This is a battle that by God’s grace we are winning, starting with the hearts of every American, and it is a battle that we must win,” he said. “May God bless each one of you, and may God bless this great United States of America.”

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