WASHINGTON, Sept 29 (LSN) – American Life League (ALL) reported yesterday that a group of pro-life senators has finally spoken out against a proposal to require federal employee health plans to cover birth control.  The senators made their opposition known to the committee considering the proposal. The senators said that they were “concerned with what appears to be a loophole in the legislation regarding contraceptives which,  upon failing to prevent fertilization, act de facto as abortifacients. Therefore, we believe this amendment is a precedent-setting attempt to mandate coverage of other abortifacients.”  Senators who signed the letter were Sam Brownback of Kansas, Don Nickles of Oklahoma, John Ashcroft of Missouri, Dan Coats of Indiana, Jesse Helms of North Carolina, Mike Enzi of Wyoming, Robert Smith of New Hampshire and Tim Hutchinson of Arkansas. ALL encouraged pro-lifers to thank the senators for their courage to speak the truth.