FORT MYERS, Fla., Mar 9 (LSN) – Sheriff John McDougall of Lee County, who warmed the hearts of pro-lifers across the continent last year with his gallant stand in favour of pro-life picketers, is once again the subject of attention in today's New York Times. The pro-  abortion National Organization of Women is using January's bombing of the Alabama abortuary as an opportunity to attack the good sheriff. However, his outstanding record of service and his beloved citizens defend their chief of police from all attacks.  Last December, abortionist Ali Azima asked Sheriff McDougall for police action against pro-  life picketers of his abortuary claiming he was being “stalked” over the previous month by “barbarians”. The sheriff responded with a letter which assured Azima that the police would carry out their duty to protect “even a baby killer like yourself.” In his letter he also promised to guard the rights of those “who wish to protect the misguided mothers who come to your clinic of death.”  A Roman Catholic and former seminarian, John McDougall proudly displays a picture of his parish priest giving a Lee County sheriff’s badge to Pope John Paul II at an audience in Rome, making him an honorary deputy sheriff. Sheriff McDougal told reporters, “I’m in the business of protecting people and it’s frustrating that I can’t protect these little babies: If I would not speak up I wouldn’t be able to look myself in the mirror. You have to speak out on social ills.” He has been involved in the pro-life movement for 25 years attending rallies, and sheltering new mothers in his home. He and his wife Gloria once made funeral arrangements for babies slain at Azima's abortuary after finding them in a garbage bin behind the Fort Myers abortion mill.  John McDougall has the respect and admiration of the residents who have elected him sheriff three times, the last time with 70 per cent of the vote who seem ready to re-elect him for another 4 year term in the year 2000.