TORONTO, May 30, 2003 ( – About 4,400 student in Toronto Catholic high schools have heard pro-life speakers since January of this year.  Natalie Hudson, Executive Director of Toronto Right To Life (RTL), told LifeSite that RTL has given 177 presentations in schools in 2003.  In addition, RTL has developed a pro-life curriculum to be used to prep for the presentations and follow-up with students after the presentations.  Ralph Peter the Coordinator for Religious Education at the Toronto District Catholic School Board has indicated that the pro-life curriculum was accepted and has been distributed by grade to all religion teachers in high schools in the board.  “We’re thrilled that the curriculum has been so widely distributed,” Hudson told LifeSite. “We’re grateful for the enthusiastic response we’ve been getting from teachers, and students.  Cooperation of the school board with the pro-life movement allows students direct access to the leaders in the movement with the expertise that comes with dealing with this complex issue on a daily basis.”  A copy of the pro-life curriculum is available online at: