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LAS VEGAS (LifeSiteNews) — The “Pro-Life Spiderman” scaled the 366-foot-tall Las Vegas Sphere this week to raise money for a homeless pregnant woman. The daring, controversial activist, who has completed many high-profile climbs, posted bond after he was immediately arrested and charged with multiple offenses.

Twenty-four-year-old Maison DesChamps climbed to the top of the iconic Las Vegas building, the largest spherical structure in the world, on Wednesday. 

After police responded to the scene, DesChamps was forced to exit through the top of the building. He was arrested and charged with destroying property greater than $5,000, conspiracy to destroy property, and disregarding the safety of persons or property. Three people, including a married couple, who filmed the climb and passed out fliers, were also arrested.

Staff of the Las Vegas Sphere estimated that the 24-year-old’s stunt cost about $100,000 in damage after he allegedly damaged some of the LED lights on the building’s exterior, according to a Metropolitan Police report.

DesChamps, who has frequently been arrested after successfully completing many other high-profile freestyle climbs and hasn’t been convicted, reportedly told police at the scene he believes “his attorneys will get him off this incident as well.”

He posted bond and returned home following his arrest and must appear in court next month.

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In a video recorded from the top of the Sphere, DesChamps told followers the stunt was to raise awareness for 37-year-old homeless pregnant woman Isabel and help her choose life for her unborn child.

He directed followers to a fundraiser set up on the pro-life website LetThemLive. DesChamps has partnered with the organization since the beginning of his public climbs in order to help support women in crisis pregnancies and urge them not to get abortions.

The LetThemLive fundraising page describes Isabel’s life story as “anything but straightforward.”

“Isabel finds herself at a crossroads,” the fundraiser reads. “Having had to make the heart-wrenching decision to adopt out three of her children, and with twins living with her ex-husband, she’s now facing the prospect of bringing a new life into this world under the most challenging circumstances imaginable.”

The inspiration for the climb came after Isabel, who has had “no stable shelter since September,” reportedly “reached out for help.”

“Our mission is twofold: to offer Isabel the tangible support she desperately needs and to rally a community around her that believes in the power of hope and action,” the article states. “The climb I’m embarking on today symbolizes more than a physical challenge—it’s a metaphor for the uphill battle Isabel faces every day.”

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“Homeless, jobless, and with the fear of maternal and infant health risks looming large, she’s scheduled an 11-week abortion for February 10th, believing it to be her only option amidst the chaos,” the Let Them Live posting states.

As of the time of this writing, it’s unclear whether Isabel has gone through with the abortion. Donors have raised over $30,000 to support her.

According to the donation page, the specific resources sought for Isabel include baby supplies, housing and utilities, employment, clothing, and financial assistance.

Many pro-lifers admire DesChamps’ willingness to engage in daring exploits to raise awareness for the pro-life cause, putting his own safety on the line to encourage support for vulnerable mothers and their unborn children.