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April 21, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) — Aisling Goodison, a pro-life activist from the Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform UK, joins The Van Maren Show to discuss pro-life street activism. Goodison describes how methods of engaging in conversations on abortion have led to many changes of hearts and minds on the issue.

Goodison recalls that “over 90 percent of those with Down Syndrome in the U.K. are aborted,” as well as a majority of babies who have prenatal diagnoses of disabilities. Laws in the U.K. currently legalize abortion “up to twenty-four weeks for basically any and every reason,” she said, “and … up to full term for any minor disability.”

Goodison talks also about how the work she and the Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform UK are doing: saving babies. She discusses how their street activism includes showing the realities of abortion through abortion victim photography. We’ve seen “loads of minds change. We saw people keep their babies as a result of seeing these images.”

Goodison remains hopeful that the end of abortion is sooner than we think, and that more people will join the growing pro-life movement in the U.K. Click here for more information on the work that the Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform UK is doing.

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