Pro-life Students Walking across U.S. States for Life Denied Permission to Speak in Philadelphia Cat

WASHINGTON, July 19, 2004 ( - Undeterred by the Archdiocese of Philadelphia’s refusal to permit them to speak at area masses, American Life League’s Summer Crusade for Life walkers arrived in Philadelphia last week. During their stay they will pray at local abortion mills, meet with Catholic public figures and speak to gatherings of faithful Catholics in their homes and other venues.

“We are disappointed that the Archdiocese would not allow us to speak at parishes in my home diocese, but there is much more good news than bad. We have been welcomed overwhelmingly in other dioceses,” said Ann Furlong, a walker from Philadelphia who attends Delaware Valley College. “The Holy Father teaches us that defending the sanctity of innocent human beings is the preeminent civil rights struggle of our day. We will persevere in spite of this experience and do all we can to spread the culture of life. That’s what Pope John Paul II expects of us.”  In a recent Philadelphia Inquirer article, Archdiocese spokesman Catherine Rossi said it would be “inappropriate” for the students to speak at masses. “There is nothing inappropriate about our message,” said Kristen Rainey, Crusade walk spokesman and a student from the College of the Ozarks. “What is inappropriate is when our bishops, cardinals and priests turn a blind eye to the truth and allow pro-abortion ‘Catholic’ public figures to desecrate the Body of Christ by receiving Holy Communion unworthily.”  jhw

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