JERUSALEM, July 4, 2001 ( – An Israeli pro-life group which distributed pro-life videos to some 350,000 Israeli households has met with success. Israel’s Health Minister, Nissim Dahan (Shas), was motivated by the tape to take action. The tape distribution caused a stormy session in the Knesset (Israeli Parliament) yesterday.

Ha’aretz News reported today that feminist MK’s were outraged at the video. However Minister Dahan said, he found the tape instructive. “I received the impression that the social workers don’t do their jobs faithfully and that the abortion committees [medical committees that by law must approve all abortions] approve terminations of pregnancy without sufficient thought,” he said. Despite assurances that all was well with the abortion industry, Dahan said, “I will ensure that every woman who comes to the abortion committees is made aware of the risks that she is taking. She will receive material and will have to return for the abortion 24 hours later.” Later in the day, the ministry issued a press statement saying Dahan had instructed the ministry “to prepare informative and balanced explanatory material on the subject.”

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