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Pro-life TV program wins Emmy award

John Jalsevac

July 30, 2013 ( - The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences has awarded the pro-life television show, Facing Life Head-On, a Regional Emmy Award for its program entitled Teens Making Healthy Choices.

The winning episode gives an inside look at a program called Healthy Visions that focuses on helping teenagers make better life decisions when it comes to dating, sex and self-image.

“It is a privilege to accept this award,” said Brad Mattes, host and executive producer of the program. He added, however, that he believes the “true winners” are “the team at Healthy Visions and the students whose lives are changed by their message.”

“The individual stories told in this program are incredibly powerful,” he said. “The teenagers each traveled their own journey to discover their true value and identity. There’s no greater reward than the knowledge that young men and women are rejecting society’s stereotypes and instead being empowered to make better life decisions.”

Healthy Visions is a week-long program for high school students designed to combat the “anything goes” philosophy of a sex-saturated culture. Facing Life On’s episode about the program features several students sharing how Healthy Visions literally changed their outlook and their lives for the better.

Produced in Cincinnati, Ohio, Facing Life Head-On is a 30-minute news magazine style program broadcasted to over 100 million homes on various television networks. Fusing education with entertainment, the show promotes the value of innocent human life at all stages. 

The broadcast covers topics such as adoption, disabilities, abortion, stem cell treatments, medical technologies and end-of-life care from a life-affirming perspective.

This isn’t the first time that Facing Life Head-On earned an Emmy Award. It also won the award for excellence in Interview and Discussion Programming in 2010, and in Specialty Programming in 2012.

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