Pro-Life Wisconsin Ad Attacks U. of Wisconsin Late-Term Abortion Plan

By Kathleen Gilbert

MADISON, Wisconsin, September 21, 2009 ( – Pro-Life Wisconsin’s True to Life media campaign has announced the beginning of a two-week television commercial campaign protesting the Madison Surgery Center’s plan to begin performing late-term abortions.

The campaign is the latest in a string of protests since the University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics (UWHC) Authority Board voted 11-3 on February 4 to offer on-demand abortions through the second trimester at the Madison Surgery Center. The Madison Surgery Center, a publicly-funded facility, is a joint venture of UWHC, the University of Wisconsin Medical Foundation, and Meriter Hospital.

About 2,000 pro-life protesters rallied in January against the plans, and a petition against the move gathered over 20,000 signatures.

The TV commercial shows a 4-D ultrasound of a preborn baby who is in the same developmental range as babies aborted by the Madison Surgery Center. The commercial refers viewers to the Web site, which contains the history of the case and other resources.

“The preborn babies featured in this ad campaign are the same age as the babies who will be brutally dismembered at the Madison Surgery Center should they go forward with their deadly plans,” said Peggy Hamill, state director of Pro-Life Wisconsin, in a press release Thursday. “We remain committed to standing up for the potential victims of late-term abortions at the Madison Surgery Center.

“We will not be silent. The board of the Madison Surgery Center can be assured of a constant pro-life presence.”

The group says it suspects that the setup would allow children’s bodies to “become an in-house source of fresh and cheap fetal body parts for UW research activities, as has occurred in the past.”

“Brutally dismembering children through dilation and evacuation (D&E) abortions at the Madison Surgery Center is not a compassionate solution,” Hamill continued.

“Pressuring health care professionals to be accomplices to these abortions and forcing patients to choose between their health care needs and potentially being present while innocent children are killed is unconscionable.”

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