Matthew Hoffman


Pro-Life World Congress to be held in Costa Rica in October

Matthew Hoffman

September 12, 2011 ( - An international gathering of pro-life leaders will take place in Costa Rica from October 28th to October 30th of this year, featuring speakers from The Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute (C-FAM), Human Life International (HLI), the Catholic News Agency (CNA), Ave Maria Law School, and various pro-life organizations in México and South America.

The Fifth World Pro-Life Congress (V Congreso Mundial Provida) is being organized by Luis Fernando Calvo, President of the Costa Rica Association for Life, and Dr. Alejandro Leal, Professor of Genetics at the University of Costa Rica, who will act as president of the Congress.

According to Leal, the Congress “will be for Costa Rica and for all participating countries, an occasion of interchange of experiences and intense learning.”

Topics to be addressed at the Congress will include “The dignity of the human person and his ontological dimension,” “An integral vision of human sexuality,” “Gender ideology as a tool of power,” “Post-abortion syndrome: myth or reality?” “The juridical status of the embryo in international law,” and many others.

The conference will be the fifth in a series of Spanish-speaking conferences held previously in the cities of Madrid (2003), Lima (2005), México (2007), and Zaragoza (2009).

For more information on the conference, visit the website or email the organizers here.

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