DUBLIN, August 26, 2004 ( – Members of Youth Defence, a pro-life youth group in Ireland, protested the visit of former US president and “big-time” abortion advocate Bill Clinton to Dublin yesterday. Clinton was in Easons signing copies of his autobiography My Life. Spokesperson for Youth Defence, Mr Eoghan de Faoite, said, “No country should welcome pro-abortion politicians and you can’t get more pro-death than Bill Clinton. This is the same person who used his presidential veto to facilitate the killing of babies who are inches from birth. He has absolutely no regard for human life – and no amount of ‘public appeal’ can make up for that.”

Thirty young demonstrators held placards of a little aborted child which also carried the line ‘Hey Bill, What about My Life?’  “It’s ironic that Bill Clinton should use the title ‘My Life’ as the title for his autobiography when you consider the fact that he will go down in history as clearly the most outspoken American president in favour of abortion,” said Eoghan de Faoite.  “Bill Clinton is undoubtedly the Abortion President. He is responsible for the deaths of millions of children in America and across the world because of the abortion programmes he funded; he has so much blood on his hands”

Youth Defence leaders say they will continue to make Bill and Hillary Clinton feel as unwelcome as possible in abortion-free Ireland.