KINGSVILLE, Ontario, April 12, 2012 ( – A pro-life campaign initiated by a 17-year-old woman to send 100,000 letters or e-mails to Prime Minister Harper by May 10th that “speak out against abortion” is gaining traction, but not without controversy.

Alexandra Jezierski, who began the Letters4Life campaign at the end of March, told LifeSiteNews that radical pro-abortion advocates teamed up last week on her Letters4Life Facebook page to intimidate and verbally assault her team of pro-life supporters.

One abortion advocate had posted on the Letters4Life Facebook page some graphic images of aborted babies and proceeded to mock and deride them. A young woman, one of Alexandra’s friends, defended the dignity of the unborn, commenting that mocking images of aborted babies was a “sick thing to do”.


In an extremely graphic, sexually explicit and disturbing rant, the abortion advocate threatened to mutilate, rape, kill, and then cannibalize the young woman.

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Alexandra says she was deeply disturbed by the hate-filled content that was appearing on her Facebook page, but she told LifeSiteNews, “it’s good to know this campaign is having an impact, even in the pro-abortion circle.”

“Yes, it’s really sad. I don’t know how someone can have the heart to laugh at pictures of bleeding, aborted babies, and then to write such a comment.”

The Letter4Life campaign has gotten off to a decent start with almost 500 letters sent to the Prime Minister in just two and a half weeks.

The purpose of the letter writing campaign is to tell the Prime Minster that if Canada is to be held up as a free and just nation, then the rights of even the youngest and smallest of human persons must be upheld first.

“I stand, as a voice for the voiceless, demanding justice for the unborn. For the sake of the unborn, for the sake of justice, for the sake of Canada, I will continue to fight for and uphold the basic human right of the most vulnerable and most innocent ones of our society,” one of Alexandra’s form letters states.

Another form letter asks the Prime Minister to support Motion 312 put forward by conservative MP Steve Woodworth that calls for Parliament to establish a special committee to consider when human life begins.

“We cannot uphold a law that is at odds with science, medicine, and truth,” the form letter states. “It is time to accept the facts. Life begins at conception. And from the moment of conception, we need to protect it.”

Alexandra told LifeSiteNews that one family has set a goal of writing 100 letters. One lady has promised to send 100 letters written by hand. Another women has set a goal to write 200 letters.

Alexandra has contacted Right to Life groups and Knights of Columbus councils across the country with the hope of gaining support in her quest to flood Harper’s office with pro-life letters.

One abortion advocate was exasperated by Alexandra’s pro-life initiative: “Where do these people keep coming from? Go away!,” he wrote.

Alexandra says she is unfazed by the degrading rhetoric of those who oppose her initiative.

“As long as abortion continues, we will fight to end it,” she responded. “As long as the rights of the unborn are denied, we will stand up for them. As long as children are killed, helpless and vulnerable, we will defend them.”

“As long as abortion continues to snatch away the lives of thousands of babies, we will NOT go away.”

Join Alexandra and her letter/e-mail writing campaign:

1. Write your own letter/e-mail, or use one of Alexandra’s form letters.

2. Letters may be mailed (postage is free) to:
The Right Honourable Stephen Harper
Prime Minister of Canada
80 Wellington Street
Ottawa, ON K1A 0A2

E-mails may be sent to: [email protected]

3. Submit number of letters or e-mails sent to Alexandra’s data tracker.
IMPORTANT: Alexandra cannot keep track of number of letters sent unless they are reported to her through her data tracker.
If you have sent a pro-life letter or e-mail to Prime Minister Harper but have not reported it, please do so now.

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