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(LifeSiteNews) — LSNTV is bringing you the latest developments on the crucial battle for life and family in the state of Michigan tonight, November 3rd at 9:00 PM ET.

Click here to join LifeSiteNews senior correspondent Jim Hale as he interviews AnneMarie Schieber, LifeSiteNews contributor and health care reform expert, on how Democrats are looking to use any election victories as blank checks to implement a radical pro-LGBT and pro-abortion agenda only seen in states like California and New York.

In this must-see LSNTV interview, Schieber provides a firsthand account of the electoral races in Michigan and their momentous implications for the pro-life and pro-family movement.

This conversation with Schieber, who also works on the campaign of conservative congressional candidate John Gibbs, dives deep into the following developments that could make or break the success of the Democrats:

  • The ballot initiative proposing to make abortion a “constitutional right” and paves the way for a “right” to “gender transitions”
  • The massive amounts of Democratic money pouring in to defend the initiative and boost leftist candidates in statewide races
  • The surge of grassroots support for Republican candidates, especially political outsiders running for the first time
  • The surprising number of Democrats voicing support for Republican candidates

This intense, informative interview with Schieber calls out the Democrats for their dirty tricks in trying to turn Michigan into a radical leftist sanctuary, and urges those who care about pro-life and pro-family issues to take a stand.

Tune in to LSNTV tonight, November 3rd at 9:00 PM ET to get the full truth about Democratic machinations in a pivotal swing state and what they mean for the pro-life and pro-family movement in America.