DALLAS, August 10, 2004 ( – A group of Operation Save America-Dallas (OSA-Dallas) street counselors, including 10 and 16 year-old girls and a one and a half year-old baby, were assaulted Saturday when a woman on her way into a Dallas abortuary doused them with a can of pepper spray.  “The woman obviously had no value for any life whatsoever, born or unborn from the largest to the smallest that she would use this weapon upon gentle Christians, including a baby!” Rev. John D. Reyes, Director of Operation Save America-Dallas said. The woman was later charged by police.  On the same morning, a man entering the abortuary attacked a counselor and forcibly seized his video camera. Dan Russell, the videographer with OSA-Dallas, was video-taping sidewalk counselors when the man, in his mid-twenties, came up, pushed and pulled him, forcing the video camera into his possession. The man then took the camera into the abortuary.

“This type of behavior is not surprising to anyone who does this type of ministry. Folks going into abortion mills have violence and murder already devised in their hearts toward their unborn children. If they cannot even respect the dignity of the smallest of human life, why should we expect them to value ours.” Rev. Reyes said.

When police were called, the man returned the camera, repentant, hoping to avoid an assault charge and possible job loss. The video it contained was still missing, which police later retrieved from the abortuary and returned to Russell. Police then charged the man.  The morning, despite the difficulties, was still a success, as one individual changed her mind and canceled her abortion.  See the Operation Save America – Dallas web-site at:   tv