Rebecca Millette


Pro-lifers crash Planned Parenthood rally with photos of aborted babies

Rebecca Millette

SEATTLE, Washington, March 23, 2011 ( – Pro-lifers crashed a Planned Parenthood rally last week, bringing pictures of aborted babies to the Seattle stop of the abortion giant’s nationwide “Truth Tour.”

“You can imagine their surprise when we joined the crowd carrying 4’ X 3’ pictures of what babies look like as they leave Planned Parenthood,” a member of the the pro-life group, Anti-Choice Project, wrote on the organization’s blog.

Organized by Marc Snyder, director of the Anti-Choice Project, the March 19 protest involved 11 protesters who took Planned Parenthood up on their invitation to stand with them during an hour-and-a-half rally at Cal Anderson Park in Seattle.

The pro-lifers walked through the crowd of a few hundred pro-abortion activists during speeches by Planned Parenthood members and others in public office, who spoke against the efforts to defund the abortion organization. 

According to the pro-lifers, wherever they stood, Planned Parenthood supporters attempted to cover up the images with their own signs or by standing in front of them.

“No one was able to answer the question posed to them, ‘If abortion is a morally defensible choice, why do you feel the need to cover it up?’,” wrote the author of the blog post about the protest on the Anti-Choice Project website. “One woman covering my sign even responded sincerely, ‘That’s a good question.’”

“Congressman Pence, who is spearheading the effort to defund PP, says this battle is about abortion, but PP is struggling to make it about PAP smears and breast exams,” wrote Gregg Cunningham of the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform, an organization that promotes the use of graphic images of abortion, in an email to Jill Stanek.

Cunningham said of the Seattle counter protest, “Our photos show up and not only change the subject back to abortion but worse, force PP to debate baby-killing instead of ‘choice.’”

“PP wants to keep abortion vague so as to lie about who the baby is and what abortion does to him. This is another example of how just a few photos completely panics America’s largest and must powerful abortion provider. Wake up, pro-life skeptics.”

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