TORONTO, Feb 2 ( – With the advent of the National Post—a conservative-leaning publication, Canadian newspapers have been more receptive to publishing pro-life and pro-family articles. On Sunday, an article in the Ottawa Citizen carried an interview with jailed pro-life activist Linda Gibbons, exposing her unjust incarceration and the threat to freedom of speech it represents. Yesterday, the Globe and Mail carried an opinion piece by Paul Tuns, a freelance writer who sits on the editorial board of the Interim—Canada’s pro-life newspaper.

Tuns wrote a piece on Revenue Canada’s stripping of HLI’s charitable status. He pointed out the lunacy of the department’s supposed requirement that charities must provide more than one perspective on an issue. Tuns wrote that a charity must “present the case against itself, or at the very least viewpoints other than its own.” “How far are we,” Tuns asked, “from having churches, which also enjoy charitable status, obliged to present the case for, to use the most logical extreme, Satan?”

In an interview with LifeSite, Tuns urged pro-lifers to write in to newspapers. He stressed the importance of writing letters to the editor, timely pieces and “the shorter the better”.

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