Cong. Smith: Not “a snowball’s chance in hell of finding accurate information   CHINA, May 3, 2002 ( – Pro-life forces are expressing skepticism about the effectiveness of a U.S.-led investigation into allegations that United Nations Population Fund money is supporting forced abortion in China. Pro-life Congressman Chris Smith (R-NJ) is among those who are urging American investigators to look beyond the sanitized front that the Chinese government is sure to put up to veil what is really taking place in their country. “I am concerned that announcing when and where they will be investigating and giving the Chinese government weeks to prepare will make it difficult for the team to discover more than what the Chinese government and UNFPA wants them to know,” Smith said.  He wants the three investigators to be “vigilant, tenacious and determined,” reports Cybercast News Service today. He also said they should deal directly with Chinese villagers, instead of only going through government and UNFPA officials. “Any investigation that only listens to the Chinese government and the UNFPA, or people who are under their control, would be a whitewash, worse than no investigation at all.” Population Research Institute President Steve Mosher, the first U.S. social scientist to document China’s one-child policy as early as 1979-80, said that any team appointed with Beijing’s consent and which planned to operate openly in the country would not have “a snowball’s chance in hell of finding accurate information.”  See