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John Hinshaw (left), Will GoodmanLifeSiteNews

Editor’s note: The following is a message sent to LifeSiteNews from Will Goodman and John Hinshaw, who currently stand behind bars for protecting the unborn from abortion in Washington, D.C. 

COLUMBUS, Ohio (LifeSiteNews) — To Ohio, from Will Goodman and John Hinshaw, prisoners of conscience in federal custody,

As Ohioans consider a vote to enshrine the destruction of babies in their state laws, we weigh in with an appreciation of your state. Everyone knows the prominent role that Ohio played in the last great human rights struggle dividing our republic: slavery. For decades before the Civil War, Ohio was the sanctuary that slaves sought to get to, knowing that if they could just get across the river, Ohio would protect them and not send them back to the people who claimed ownership of them. 

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Ohio, your country is divided again over basic human rights, as our government has again disenfranchised certain humans – unborn babies and their mothers – and left them prey for those who would own, abuse, and kill them. 

Powerful, wealthy forces are telling us that abortion is a cornerstone of our republic and more important than the Constitution and Declaration of Independence. The slavers said the same thing about slavery. A corrupt federal judge opines that the 13th Amendment to the Constitution, passed to prevent ownership of a human being by another human being, may guarantee ownership of an unborn human being!?!?!? 

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We modern abolitionists are in prison due to the abundant lies told by the abortion industry, which has legalized the killing of babies already born in several states. We call on Ohio to be the sanctuary ALL mothers deserve to help them protect their babies. 

Ohio, rise once again for threatened lives, stand in solidarity with your forefathers – both for the babies and for your country.


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