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 Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform

(LifeSiteNews) — Pro-life activists have launched a “Faces of Abortion” tour across Canada to “confront Canadians with the faces of abortion victims.” 

This summer, staff and summer interns from the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform (CCBR) are traveling across all ten provinces, hosting presentations and engaging in street activism to change hearts and minds in the nation.

“Every day in Canada, nearly 300 children are killed by abortion – faceless and nameless,” reads a CCBR press release. 

“To bring an end to the killing and spare women the trauma of abortion, CCBR is committed to making the victims of abortion visible, to rehumanize those who have been dehumanized — to bring the culture face to face with the victims of abortion,” it continued. 

On the tour, CCBR will use cube van “Truth Trucks”, featuring photographs of murdered babies on their sides, a video truck, and hand-held street signs to show Canadians the truth of abortion through abortion victim photography.  

The tour aims to show Canadians what an abortion does: murder an innocent human being with a developing face.  

“The relationship with the face is immediately ethical in nature. The face is what you cannot kill, or at least in the sense that it says: ‘thou shalt not kill’” CCBR wrote, quoting philosopher Emmanuel Levinas. 

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Summer intern and team leader Katrina Hamon assured LifeSiteNews that this tour will be effective.

“I have seen how CCBRs strategy has worked to change countless minds on the issue of abortion,” she said. “This is an approach that actually works, and it needs to be shared.” 

“I am so grateful for the opportunity to share this message with people all across Canada,” she continued. “I hope that our work will also inspire others to continue the fight and keep the conversation [about] abortion open.” 

Likewise, summer intern Hannah Afelskie told LifeSiteNews, “Bringing the reality about abortion to the east coast, when in so many cases it is suppressed and hidden, has been such a blessing.” 

“We have had countless conversations with Canadians in Nova Scotia, PEI, New Brunswick, and Quebec whose minds and hearts have already been changed after being shown and told the truth about abortion,” she added.  

“I have great hope in the future of the pro-life movement in Canada knowing that more people want to get involved,” Afelskie revealed. “This tour has affirmed my desire to continue working for the pro-life movement in the future in order to make abortion unthinkable.” 

CCBR will travel across Western and Eastern Canada, visiting cities in each province. A list of the stops can be found here 

At each stop, CCBR’s summer interns will perform street activism, displaying abortion victim photography while engaging in conversation to convince Canadians of the truth about abortion.  

In the evening, CCBR will offer presentations on the theme of the tour, “The Faces of Abortion.” Speakers will include LifeSiteNews columnist and CCBR communications director Jonathon Van Maren and CCBR Western Outreach Director Cameron Côté, co-host of “The Pro-Life Guys Podcast.”