By Matthew Cullinan Hoffman

WASHINGTON, June 23, 2009 ( – According to a spokesman for “People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals” (PETA), which recently decried President Obama’s swatting of a fly during an interview, the organization urges “compassion even for the smallest and least of animals,” but has no position on the killing of unborn human beings.

A spokesman for the organization told (LSN) in an interview that it is “loathsome” and “grotesquely hypocritical” that pro-lifers oppose abortion, but are unconcerned about the mistreatment of chickens and other animals used in the food industry.

Asked about PETA’s criticism of President Barack Obama’s killing of a fly during a recent televised interview, group spokesman Bruce Friedrich told LSN that PETA “supports compassion even for the smallest and least of animals, much as Nobel Peace Prize winner Dr. Albert Schweitzer who included even insects in his realm of compassion.”

However, when confronted with the example of abortion, in which unborn human beings are torn apart inside their mother’s womb, Friedrich, who admitted that humans are animals, said that “as an organization we don’t have a specific position on abortion, just as we don’t have a specific position on global poverty, or any of the other areas where many noble people are working very diligently.”

While Friedrich stated that he is a pro-life Catholic who has gone to protests and has even been arrested, he acknowledged that PETA’s membership includes people who are “pro choice.”

“Why would PETA object to … you know for example, chickens being drugged, or chickens being grown too fat, but would have no objection to the incredible brutal way that unborn babies are killed, millions of them a year in the United States?” Friedrich was asked.

“Ok, as somebody who has been going to pro-life rallies, and who has done rescues, and who has been involved for more than 20 years, I find it grotesquely hypocritical that people who say they are pro-life will, every time they sit down to eat, make a choice to add to the level of misery and cruelty in the world,” he responded. “These are God’s creatures too, and these industries have turned God’s creatures into basically widgets. No abuse is too extreme.”

Saying it “loathsome” that pro-lifers have “zero consciousness” on the issue of “animal abuse” in factories, Freidrich went on to say that “I would say to the pro-life movement, remove the log from your own eye, and then come after the speck in the eye of the animal protection movement. But until the pro-life movement does that, they have zero credibility in my book.”

“What can you do about abortion?” asked Friedrich. “You can tell people not to do it. Some people will listen some people won’t. You can go to demonstrations, you can write letters. There are a lot of things that we could do but it’s all indirect. Every time you sit down to eat you’re paying people to deny God’s creatures everything that’s natural to them, to slit their throats open while they’re still completely conscious.”

PETA’s flippant attitude towards the killing of unborn human beings was illustrated in a recent blog entry on the organization’s site, where the group thanked pro-lifers for erecting a billboard stating “What! Embryos are Babies!” above a billboard with a McDonald’s Egg McMuffin advertisement.

“Thank you Prolife Across America for your excellent billboard juxtaposition. We’re always trying to remind folks that the squishy part of their Egg McMuffin is just a fried chicken embryo. You’ve done future baby chicks everywhere a favor,” wrote PETA’s Jennifer Cierlitsky.

In an attempt to address the obvious fact that an egg is not an embryo at all, the blog entry contained a cryptic footnote at the end stating “OK, not exactly an embryo because it’s not fertilized, but ‘fried chicken period’ ain’t so appealing either!”

In addition to its dismissive view of abortion, the organization has also come under fire recently for its decision to pay “homage” to Ernesto “Che” Guevara by using his granddaughter posing semi-nude in PETA advertisements.

The revolutionary, who helped Fidel Castro impose a totalitarian regime on the island of Cuba, oversaw numerous executions of those who resisted Castro’s communist system.