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WASHINGTON, D.C., October 12, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) — The atmosphere was electric on Capitol Hill early this morning as Amy Coney Barrett’s (ACB’s) supporters streamed in from all directions to greet her as she arrived for the start of her Senate confirmation hearing. 

“Hey hey! Ho ho! Roe v Wade has got to go!” and “Fill that seat!” chanted the exuberant crowd, many of whom had traveled across the country to cheer for Barrett. 

Anti-Amy Coney Barrett protesters on march from the Supreme Court. (Photo: Doug Mainwaring)

A group of those opposed to Barrett’s confirmation gathered in front of the U.S. Supreme Court and marched toward the Senate Office Building campus where ACB’s supporters and detractors briefly faced off.   

Some anti-ACB protesters wore white hazmat suits as a means of suggesting that the Republican-controlled Senate Judiciary Committee hearing might needlessly risk spreading the Wuhan virus.   

Anti-Amy Coney Barrett protesters wearing abortion ‘clinic escort’ vests. (Photo: Doug Mainwaring)

Others wore LGBT abortion ‘clinic escort’ vests and carried signs, “Save Roe” and bright red face masks emblazoned with “F**k Trump.”  They beat drums and chanted “no confirmation until inauguration” and “Let the people decide.”   

Anti-Amy Coney Barrett protesters: “Abortion on demand & without apology.” (Photo: Doug Mainwaring)

Still others carried signs that brazenly declared, “Abortion on demand without apology” and “Trump/Pence out now.”   

But they were no match for the pro-lifers who vastly outnumbered and outshone them.