DALLAS, June 20, 2003 ( – The news that Judge David Godbey dismissed a request by Norma McCorvey (‘Roe’ of the famous Roe v Wade abortion case) to have her landmark 1973 Supreme Court Case reheard, came as no surprise.  Allan Parker, CEO and founder of The Justice Foundation and McCorvey’s lead attorney told LifeSite, “We always anticipated that the case would be decided by the U.S. Supreme Court.”  Godbey ruled late yesterday that, “It is simply too late now, 30 years after the fact, for McCorvey to revisit that judgment.”  McCorvey’s request to have the case re-opened based on changed factual conditions, was submitted Tuesday with over 5,400 pages of evidence. Parker told LifeSite that the quick response from Godbey would actually help to speed the process in bringing the case to the Supreme Court.  “It went faster than we thought,” said an undaunted Parker.  See LifeSite’s recent Special Report on the case:  ‘Roe’ of ‘Roe vs. Wade’ Files Motion to Re-Open Landmark Abortion Case