OTTAWA, May 27, 2002 ( – Although pro-life MP Garry Breitkreuz’s motion to have the House Committee study the issue of when a child should be considered a human being failed, the exercise served to demonstrate the success of pro-life action.  With only two weeks left before the motion was to be raised in the House on May 22, Mr. Breitkreuz’s office had only received 130 responses to his public questionnaire.

After LifeSite and numerous pro-life organizations sent out urgent reminders to turn in questionnaires, the office was overflowing with responses. By May 22 there some 5,000 had been received by Breitkreuz . In the House, Mr. Breitkreuz commented: “There have been so many responses I could make a lectern out of them if I wanted to. We are receiving hundreds of responses each day. In the last couple of weeks we have only had time to tabulate the results from 3,511 responses. Many members are getting the same information from their constituents.”  See related LifeSite coverage:  BREITKREUZ MOTION TO PROTECT UNBORN IS DEFEATED