WASHINGTON, Mar 9, 2001 ( – The Christian Medical Association (CMA) has joined with other pro-life groups to launch a lawsuit against the Department of Health and Human Services and the National Institutes of Health to halt Clinton administration guidelines which surreptitiously allowed federal funding of research that uses stem cells harvested in a process which kills embryos. The lawsuit notes that the Clinton guidelines illegally violate a Congressional ban on research using human embryos because they “require and depend upon the destruction of living human embryos.” They “fundamentally undermine long-established state laws and ethical norms that protect human life from medical experimentation.”

Dr. David Stevens, executive director of CMA says that since the use of adult stem cells in medical research is an appropriate substitute for embryonic stem cells, “Why create moral quandaries when ethical avenues of stem cell research are available?” Senator Sam Brownback, a Kansas Republican was supportive of the pro-life effort. “It has never been acceptable to kill one person for the benefit of another,” he said.

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