Pro-lifers swamp Vancouver with bloody abortion pics as they launch New Abortion Caravan

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, May 29, 2012 ( - Dozens of young people are set to launch the “New Abortion Caravan” at the Vancouver Art Gallery Tuesday as an anti-abortion version of the 1970 pro-abortion campaign that sought to repeal Canada’s abortion laws.

The young people with the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform are bringing with them large, bloody abortion images as hand-held signs as well as 7-ft tall and 20-ft long posters plastered on trucks.

Celebrity Mark Donnelly will be singing O Canada, and will be followed by speakers such as Dr. Alexander Moens, professor of political science at Simon Fraser University, Mike Schouten of the political group We Need A Law, as well as Ruth Lobo Shaw and Stephanie Gray of the CCBR.

“Just as the original Abortion Caravan sought to expose what they perceived as an injustice,” said CCBR’s executive director Stephanie Gray, “we will do the same, but this time focus on the shattered bodies of the pre-born victims that everyone ignores. The victims of abortion will be on handheld signs, on postcards dropped into mailboxes, on posters hung around the city, and on the sides of box-bodied trucks.”

Vancouver abortion advocates have taken notice of this initiative already, and nearly 100 of them have signed up for a Facebook event “Counter Protesting the ‘New’ Abortion Caravan”. One of the organizers stated on the page that, “These folks are co-opting a successful tactic from the ‘70’s—the Abortion Caravan.” They plan to be present to chant and oppose the message of the anti-abortion activists.

Stephanie Gray said she welcomes debate: “The reason Canada has had this bloody status quo for so long is because people have refused to discuss the issue, and refused to confront the victims. We welcome dialogue, because science, embryology and a philosophically consistent view of human rights lie on the pro-life side.”

The group is also hosting a presentation at 7:30pm that same day at St. Francis Xavier Parish Gym (428 Great Northern Way, Vancouver).

The upcoming Caravan events and locations can be found at the Canadian Centre for Bioethical Reform’s website.

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