Pro-lifers send flowers, ‘love letters’ to abortion workers urging them to quit

This former abortion worker is literally loving people out of the abortion industry. And, it's working!
Wed Feb 10, 2016 - 4:31 pm EST
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ROUND ROCK, Texas, February 10, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) -- What’s the best way to get friends or family members working in the abortion industry to quit their jobs? Simple: You love them out of it. With a Valentines’ day theme, numerous pro-life volunteers will be delivering love letters along with flowers to abortion clinic workers across the country this month with the hope of helping them move away from a life-destroying industry to something better. 

Abby Johnson.

“We thought that if we send a message of love to these clinics, letting these workers know that we care about them and that we truly want something better for them, that we are willing to provide options, it might resonate with them,” said former abortion clinic worker Abby Johnson to LifeSiteNews. 

Johnson, president of ‘And Then There Were None’ (ATTWN), started the ‘Love One Out’ campaign because she said sometimes all it takes is showing someone in a difficult place a little love to help them move to a better place.

“We have seen ‘love’ work in the lives of 210 abortion clinic workers who have come through our ministry,” she said. 

The message in the letters is simple: “We love you, and you are too good to be working in an abortion clinic. We love you enough to help you quit. Healing is possible.”


Today, we announced the "Love One Out" campaign! To learn more, visit

Posted by And Then There Were None - Prolife Outreach on Monday, February 8, 2016

Johnson organization will be partnering with Sidewalk Advocates for Life and others to send love letters and flowers to about half of the 700-or-so abortion clinics throughout the US. Johnson said that any pro-life groups interested in joining in the effort can contact her through her website

Johnson knows how difficult it is to work in an abortion clinic. 

“As a former abortion clinic worker, I remember wanting to leave the industry but wondered how it would be perceived. Would someone love me enough to help me get out? I knew that I deserved better, and when I left the abortion industry, I wanted to help other workers leave as well, which is why I started ATTWN,” she said. 

Johnson’s organization runs a webpage year round that allows visitors to write a personal letter to an abortion clinic worker. Some of the letters have been posted online. They reveal that every abortion clinic worker is someone’s daughter, son, and friend. 

“I have been praying for you for a long time. God is limitless in His mercy. You have many wonderful gifts to lend our world. Please take a deep breath and trust in His goodness. Take a baby step in faith,” wrote one friend to another in the industry. 

One mother wrote to her daughter who is an abortionist: “You were the culmination of my dreams and hearts desire for 8 years before your birth. We were so proud and joyous, waiting for you to be born. I had such great dreams of you being a doctor to help heal people, deliver babies, and treat the many ailments of mankind…Then our hearts were broken and our spirits were slashed by your choice to perform abortions…Our sweet daughter, we still love you even if though there is this searing pain in our hearts. We pray constantly for your eyes to be opened so the light of truth may flood your soul.”

One friend wrote to another friend in the abortion industry: “My friend, I care about you. When I think of you I see someone sweet, vivacious, positive, idealistic…I shudder to think of the things you may see or be expected to do. I worry about the high cost this will exact on you. It would be a tragedy for you to become like someone who discusses crushing little bodies over lunch. Please, please run before you get caught up any deeper in this.”

Johnson hopes that the letters and flowers will inspire abortion clinic workers to leave the industry and transition to something better.

“Love always wins, and what we’re finding here at ATTWN is that this message of pro-life being pro-love is helping the pro-life movement to reach a different group of people. This group – clinic workers – are changing the narrative in the pro-life movement through a message of love that empowers them enough to quit their job in the abortion industry,” she said.

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