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CHARLOTTE, NC, March 9, 2015 ( – Pro-life counselors say they're praying for a woman who tried to run them over outside an abortion facility.

Lacey Deese, 23, came to A Preferred Women's Health in Charlotte, North Carolina, on February 28 with a friend. As she entered, pro-life missionary and counselor Patrick Courtney approached her.

“She kind of made a gesture, and she said that we were losers and other [not so] nice words, and I just told her that I loved her and cared about her,” Courtney told the Christian News Network.

Courtney again approached Deese as she left the abortion facility, this time to offer her a booklet. According to Courtney, Deese took the opportunity to drive her car at him as he stood on grass next to the driveway. Deese's car struck his arm as she went by.

Deese came back several times with her car, driving in a way that pro-life nurse Courtney Parks described as “recklessly.” When “asked to slow down” by a pro-life counselor, Deese “cussed her out,” Parks said.

Eventually, Parks filmed the scene with her cell phone, and several people called 911.

While Deese eventually left the scene for good — shortly before being arrested — Christian News Network reports that her car nearly hit several people, some of them elderly, volunteering for 40 Days for Life.

“We have pictures of tire tracks in the mud and grass where she came all the way up on the sidewalk,” Parks said. “Literally, if they hadn’t [decided to dive] out of the way, she would have mowed them over.”

“It was one of the scariest moments I’ve ever had,” she said. “People could have died there.”

Deese has been charged with “reckless driving to endanger,” according to the police report.

NARAL and Planned Parenthood did not return LifeSiteNews' request for comment about Deese's alleged attack on the law-abiding pro-life counselors.

Parks was at the clinic with Monroe HELP Center, a mobile ultrasound unit that offers free ultrasounds and assistance to women.

Both Parks and Courtney, who visited the hospital to have his arm examined, said that they do not hold a grudge against Deese for her actions. In fact, they are praying for her.

“I’ve done a lot of spiritual warfare, and I knew it wasn’t the young lady [doing this]; it was the spirit behind her,” Courtney said. “Because I told her I loved her…that seed that Jesus planted there will grow. And if I never see the result, it’s just my prayer that Christ will come into her life.”

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“We know this young lady is hurting,” Parks agreed. “We don’t hold any hard feelings for her. We’ve been praying for her. Our ultimate prayer is that she comes to know the Lord.”

A Preferred Women's Health is the same abortion clinic where abortion Ron Virmani said in 2012 that the children he aborts are “ugly black babies.”