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Then-Canadian Health Minister Jean-Yves Duclos during the COVID-19 'pandemic'Shutterstock

(LifeSiteNews) — A number of top doctors and scientists are calling on the Canadian government to launch a public inquiry into what it calls “major pandemic failures” implemented during the COVID era. 

This week, pro-vaccine doctors and scientists have joined in the call for an examination of the Canadian government’s handling of the COVID-19 so-called pandemic in a series of articles published in the prestigious British Medical Journal (BMJ). 

“We wouldn’t know [the mistakes] because no pandemic inquiry has been established by [the] federal government. This is a mistake,” wrote the experts. 

BMJ international editor and Canadian public health official Jocalyn Clark told CBC News that the government’s handling of the “pandemic” requires an inquiry.  

“If this global catastrophe doesn’t cause the need for a deep examination… I don’t know what will,” said Clark.  

“I hope the authorities don’t just sweep it under the carpet,” she continued.  

“What we need is something at the federal level that’s properly legislated and governed… so that we’re doing a full comprehensive public inquiry that looks at the full pandemic response.” 

While the scientists argued in favor of experimental COVID vaccines, they admitted that decisions made by top-level Canadian officials were marked with inconsistencies. 

“The picture that emerges is an ill prepared country with outdated data systems, poor coordination and cohesion, and blindness about its citizens’ diverse needs,” they argued.  

The research condemned Canada’s response to COVID in senior care centers, writing, “A particular disgrace is Canada being at the top of wealthy nations for [COVID-related] deaths in care homes for older people, despite more than 100 reports foreshadowing a nursing home crisis.” 

The scientists claimed that what seemed to save Canada was a “largely willing and conforming populace that withstood stringent public health measures and achieved among the world’s highest levels of vaccination coverage.”  

However, this belief seems to be ill-founded as research conducted by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s own office shows many Canadians intentionally hid their COVID jab status from federal pollsters, meaning the actual jab rates may not be as high as initially reported.  

The scientists further admitted that it is impossible to fully understand the mistakes made by the Canadian government as it refuses to hold a public inquiry into the government’s response to the “pandemic.”

Recently, the office of then-Health Minister Jean-Yves Duclos told CBC News that the federal government is “committed to a review of the response to COVID-19 in order to take stock of lessons learned and to better inform preparations and responses to future health emergencies.” 

Despite his promise, the Trudeau government has yet to announce any official plans of holding an inquiry.  

Canadians citizens however did establish their own independent inquiry, called the National Citizens’ Inquiry. A May session featured doctors, freedom fighters, and government employees who spoke to Canadians condemning the government’s handling of COVID.