STAMFORD, CONNECTICUT, May 9, 2012, ( – WWE wrestling superstar C.M. Punk strikes an aggressive pose inside the ring, but it seems he saved his hardest blows for supporters of the traditional family.

On Monday, the grappler told his Twitter followers he opposed North Carolina’s constitutional amendment to define marriage as the union of one man and one woman, which passed in a landslide on Tuesday

One of his followers responded, “Man was meant for woman, and even the thought of homo’s make me sick.” Punk then replied, “Kill yourself.”


He told another supporter of the nuclear family to “drink bleach.”

“Just chalk it up as the sort of rhetoric we’re used to now from the forces of tolerance,” Peter LaBarbera, president of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality (AFTAH) told

In another tweet, Punk castigated the amendment’s supporters as “So many stupid people. Bigots. Talking about what’s ‘natural.’”

Ironically, he later posted a message stating, “I am a star. I’m fighting bigots here. Zero tolerance.”

The measure, he wrote, “is ridiculous.” He added, “The human race is embarrassing. #evolve.”

“It just never stops,” LarBarbera said. “As ‘gay’ power grows, the rhetoric on the other side becomes more and more caustic and contemptuous of anybody who disagrees.”

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The 33-year-old, born Philip Jack Brooks, is one of the most popular wrestlers in the WWE.

“If it was a conservative athlete who said to a pro-gay activist ‘kill yourself,’ I think his career would be over,” LaBarbera told LifeSiteNews.

Later Monday evening – after the wrestling federation’s anchor program Monday Night Raw – Punk softened his remarks and deleted the offending remarks from his Twitter feed.

“I apologize,” he responded. “I don’t want you to kill yourself. I want you to better yourself. Just as I want to better myself.”

He later added, “Sorry y’all. If I let anybody down, I apologize. I’ll make it up to ya and move forward with a better understanding of others feelings.”

However, he claimed he had merely decided to “stoop to others levels. Sometimes I fight fire with fire and it isn’t ways the best way.”

“Where are the voices of sanity on the liberal side that come down on these kind of things?” LaBarbera asked. “I think the message is out on the Left: anything goes – especially if you’re bashing a Christian.”

Pro-marriage, pro-family advocates have have increasingly become the targets of verbal and sometimes physical bullying.

“It Gets Better” campaign creator Dan Savage belittled students who walked out of his foul-mouthed talk at a high school journalism convention, dubbing them “pansy-a**ed.”

In April, a group of “Angry Queers” smashed church windows in Portland, throwing rocks through stained-glass windows at the Oregon satellite location of Mars Hill Church, because its pastor teaches sex outside of traditional marriage is sinful.

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is headed by Vince McMahon. His wife, Linda, resigned as CEO in 2009 to run for the U.S. Senate in Connecticut. S

She is currently seeking the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate against former Congressman Christopher Shays.