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San Diego bishop Robert McElroy.

SAN DIEGO, October 22, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) — Bishop Robert W. McElroy of San Diego recently gave an interview in which he claimed, “To say abortion is the pre-eminent issue in a particular political season is to reduce the common good, in effect, to one issue. And that’s a distortion of Catholic teaching.”

“My concern [is] that when you say abortion is the pre-eminent issue we face as a nation, you are setting up an election choice,” said McElroy.

Theology professor Randall Smith, in an article from The Catholic Thing, compared Bishop McElroy’s refusal to decisively condemn pro-abortion policy and politicians to the complicity of German bishops who refused to condemn the Nazi regime.

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VICTORY: Poland says 'No' to eugenic abortion!
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PETITION UPDATE (10/22/2020)

Today, the Polish Constitutional Tribunal issued a ruling that the provision in the act allowing "abortion in the case of a high probability of severe and irreversible impairment of the fetus or an incurable disease that threatens the fetus" is inconsistent with the Polish Constitution, which was permitted since 1993 until the time when the conceived child reaches the age when it is able to survive outside the mother's body, in practice up to the 24th week of pregnancy.

This ruling makes abortion for eugenic reasons illegal in Poland!

Thank God and sincere gratitude to the Polish Constitutional Court for doing the right and reasonable thing.

And, thank you for continuing to sign this petition. We will send all signatures to the Polish Constitutional Court as way to show our thanks!


On October 22nd, the Polish Constitutional Tribunal will decide whether eugenic abortion - on the grounds of a positive Down Syndrome test, for example - currently allowed by the Abortion Act of 1993 is in keeping with the country's constitution.

Eugenic abortion is not the mark of an advanced society. It is, rather, the mark of a savage society which deems some human lives as disposable.

And, the reason the court will issue a ruling is because Members of the Sejm (the Lower House of the Polish Parliament) have requested clarification of the law.

We, therefore, ask you to join us in urging the Polish Constitutional Tribunal to reject eugenic abortion and affirm the dignity and life of every preborn baby.

Let's encourage the Polish Court to a give good example to the rest of the world, and affirm life!

By SIGNING this petition, we demonstrate our agreement with the amicus brief brought to the Polish court by Ordo Iuris International Law Center, which you can READ by clicking here.

The problem mainly lies in two Articles of the Abortion Act (1993), which legalizes eugenic abortion, and which are, therefore, non-compliant with Article 30 of the Polish Constitution. That is because of the key fact, that they legalize eugenic practices towards an unborn child, denying him the respect and protection of his dignity.

Indeed, according to the Polish Constitution, the source of all freedoms and rights is dignity and it not only belongs to each human, but it cannot be relinquished.

Fortunately, there is a close connection between the protection of human dignity and legal guarantees of the protection of human life in Polish law, and that is why in its judgment of January 2004, the Constitutional Tribunal stated: "There can be no protection of human dignity if there are no sufficient grounds to protect life."

Please SIGN this petition which urges the Polish Constitutional Tribunal to vindicate and protect the lives of the sick preborn babies.


Ordo Iuris amicus brief urging the Polish Constitutional Court to declare two articles of the Abortion Act to be in non-conformity with the Polish Constitution:

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**LifeSiteNews and LifePetitions are against abortion under every circumstance. By supporting this petition, we are not somehow suggesting that we are only against eugenic abortion.

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Bishop McElroy explained his rejection of the “pre-eminence” of abortion as a voting issue to Sebastian Gomes of “Voting Catholic,” a “podcast from America Media that helps U.S. Catholics discern their vote in the upcoming presidential election.” Bishop McElroy commented on the USCCB statement: “The threat of abortion remains our preeminent priority because it directly attacks life itself,” in the document Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship: A Call to Political Responsibility.

Bishop McElroy described abortion as “one of several” pre-eminent issues to consider when voting, entreating Catholics to “read the whole document” of the USCCB.

“[It tells you to] look at climate change, which threatens to end the whole of humanity. Look at the divisions we have in our nation now, in terms of race and class, the undocumented. If someone reads through that with an open heart and wrestles with God, then that’s a great thing. But don’t pick one sentence out,” said Bishop McElroy.

He opposed the idea that abortion is “the primary moral issue” because “the issue of life is the foundation of the house of the common good.”

Bishop McElroy countered: “But I would say this: The house itself and the foundation rest on the earth, and the earth is at stake in climate change and in the care for creation. And so you don’t have a house and you don’t have a foundation if you don’t have the earth [or] a habitable place for our humanity.”

“When you are voting for candidates, you have to ask yourself in this particular moment, who is going to be better at achieving the common good? Your judgment is temporary,” said Bishop McElroy.

In his article “On the Nature of Complicity,” Randall Smith compared the gravity of abortion policy to the murderous policy of Nazi Germany.

He mentioned the 1933 Reichskonkordat between the Holy See and the German government, in which “Church leaders pledged to refrain from speaking out on issues not directly related to the Church.” Smith noted that last May, in a twenty-three-page public report, Germany’s Council of Catholic Bishops “admitted ‘complicity’ by their predecessors who did not do enough to oppose the rise of Nazi regime and its mistreatment of Jews.”

“In eighty or ninety years, will future U.S. bishops be submitting a similar document of their own, confessing the ‘complicity’ of their predecessors who did not do enough to oppose the abortion regime?”

“Who, in retrospect, would not look back in shame at a German bishop who called questioning the Catholic commitments of Catholic Nazi leaders ‘offensive because they constitute an assault on the meaning of what it is to be Catholic’? Because ‘being Catholic means loving the Church; being Catholic means participating in the sacramental life of the church; being a Catholic means trying to transform the world by the light of the Gospel’?”

“And yet those are the words of our own Bishop McElroy of San Diego about those who question Joe Biden’s Catholicism.”

“And we transform the world in the light of the Gospel how?  Is it not by opposing the killing of innocent human beings?”