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NEW YORK (LifeSiteNews) — One week after releasing its bombshell report showing a Pfizer executive admitting the organization may mutate the COVID-19 virus to profit off additional vaccines, Project Veritas rented an LED truck to display the report right outside the pharmaceutical company’s headquarters.

On Tuesday, the investigative media outlet announced its plans to park the story in front of Pfizer’s doors.

“We rented an LED truck and parked it outside of @pfizer world headquarters in Manhattan today,” Project Veritas wrote on Twitter. “Stay tuned…”

Project Veritas’ LED truck cruises through Manhattan.

A banner across the screen reads “#directedevolution.”

The next day, a video spanning nearly five minutes was released by the outlet, showing R.C. Maxwell, press secretary for Project Veritas, gauging thoughts from New Yorkers and attempting to ask questions of Pfizer employees entering or exiting the office building.

“Here we are in New York City standing outside of the headquarters of pharmaceutical giant Pfizer,” Maxwell said. “We have here with us a truck which is playing the viral story in question outside of Pfizer’s headquarters. We’re going to try and get a reaction out of Pfizer employees. We’re also going to talk to New Yorkers and see what they think about the story.”

“You guys are now the only news organization that actually goes after the people,” one passerby said. “That’s what a journalist is supposed to do.”

Several New Yorkers expressed support for Project Veritas and skepticism of Pfizer. One woman said to “keep it up” when asked if the outlet should “stop reporting on Pfizer and vaccines.”

“I definitely think that there is something going on here,” a citizen said. Another man commented that “it’s incredible what you guys are doing, exposing corruption.”

At one point, Maxwell tells a BBC journalist to “feel free” to cover the story, which has yet to be covered by BBC and most other mainstream media outlets.

Throughout the video, employees can be seen walking in and out of the building. Maxwell tried to speak with them but received no answers from anyone who appeared to be affiliated with the pharmaceutical giant. One man wearing a Pfizer jacket, which he said he bought on eBay, told Maxwell that he was “just visiting.” The woman who opened the door for him simply smiled and said nothing in response to Maxwell requesting to talk to her.

Later in the video, three women entering the building ignore him when he calls after them to ask questions. During a brief encounter with two other employees, Maxwell asked if they knew Jordan Walker, the executive in the report. Although there was no conversation, one man appears to back away toward the door upon realizing what Maxwell was asking.

The end of the video shows that several police cars had arrived. However, the Project Veritas team was not told to leave, as the truck was merely parked on the side of the street in front of the building and they were only on the sidewalk.

The presence of the LED truck is the investigative outlet’s latest act to press Pfizer for answers since the report outlining a potential conspiracy to mutate the COVID virus to preemptively roll out more vaccines for profit. On January 25, Project Veritas released a video in which one of the group’s undercover journalists filmed Walker explaining that COVID has been a “cash cow” for the company and that the consideration of mutating the virus is “not what we say to the public.”

After the bombshell interview and another video revealing how Walker attacked Project Veritas founder and journalist James O’Keefe, conservatives demanded explanations from Pfizer regarding the claims in the report.

On Friday, the pharmaceutical giant issued a press release in which Pfizer denied everything that Walker had suggested was taking place within the organization, declaring that it “has not conducted gain of function or directed evolution research.”


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