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NASHVILLE, Tennessee (LifeSiteNews) — Catholic Daily Wire podcaster and author Matt Walsh became the victim of a digital attack Tuesday night when hackers apparently gained access to a copy of his phone’s SIM card, enabling them to post vile comments on Twitter under his profile and presumably access years of emails, photos, and personal messages.

Walsh, a prominent conservative figure who has helped bring widespread public and legislative attention to the sexual indoctrination and mutilation of children via transgender ideology, began trending Tuesday night on Twitter after a series of offensive messages were tweeted out from his account.

The messages were taken down shortly thereafter, but Daily Wire co-founder Jeremy Boreing told followers on Wednesday that the attack was not limited to Walsh’s Twitter account.

“You may be aware that [Matt Walsh] had his [Twitter] account hacked last night. What you may not know is that the attack went well beyond Twitter,” Boreing said in a Twitter thread. “The hackers have managed to gain access to, well, everything, including 20 years of Matt’s emails.”

“What scandalous information will the hackers find in Matt’s email? I do not know. I’m sure I said things in my 20s that I wouldn’t feel great having aired publicly,” he said, adding that the Daily Wire’s response to whatever information might be revealed will simply be: “#LOL.”

However, the Daily Wire co-founder also expressed concern about the full extent and danger of the hacking attack against Walsh, who Daily Wire editor emeritus Ben Shapiro said has been forced to establish nearly 24/7 security around his home due to threats to himself and his family in connection with his outspoken conservative views.

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In a podcast episode Wednesday, Shapiro said Walsh’s phone itself had been hacked, not just his accounts. According to Shapiro, hackers likely either gained physical access to Walsh’s phone and copied his SIM card, or requested a copy from his service provider while impersonating him.

In a Wednesday evening tweet, Walsh said “the hacker had an ‘insider’ who gave him access to my phone.”

“A lot we still don’t know,” he said, noting that “[o]ver the last year my family has been harassed, threatened, doxxed, and now we can add hacked to the list.”

He said his team is “finding out” what led to the hack, and that “there will be consequences.”

Boreing said Tuesday’s hack is among many attacks on the Daily Wire in the past 48 hours alone. Walsh’s YouTube account was also demonetized, Brett Cooper was permanently banned on Tik Tok, and leftist activists burned an effigy of Michael Knowles at the University of Pittsburgh.

However, the company’s co-founder struck an optimistic tone in his Wednesday Twitter thread, pointing out that the company has scored numerous high-profile victories against their opponents. He said that’s what “keeps” the Daily Wire “fighting.”

“We believe success is possible. Not promised, not easy. Possible,” he said. “We believe we can preserve our values for another generation. And we’re having a damn good time doing it.”

“Hell, I’m looking forward to pressing charges on the Walsh hackers!” Boreing added.

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This isn’t the first time that leftists angered by Walsh’s conservative views on hot-button issues like transgender ideology have attempted to use media to destroy the Catholic father of six’s career.

Last year, left-wing outfit Media Matters unearthed recordings from Walsh’s days as a “shock jock” at a local radio station in his 20s. In one recording, Walsh spoke about the fact that people used to get married and start families earlier in life than they do now, something that drew ire from the left as social media users accused him of advocating for child brides or being a “groomer” — in response to Walsh’s blunt and consistent condemnation of the sexualization of children in the classroom and the culture.

Walsh has repeatedly vowed not to be intimidated by his opponents on the radical left. On Wednesday, he said he has also “made note of the members of the media who openly solicited stolen information from my phone,” adding “[t]here will be consequences there too.”

“Fortunately, we can afford very good lawyers,” he said.