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(LifeSiteNews) — New Brunswick could have a new pro-family politician, as a prominent parental rights advocate is running for provincial office.   

On November 24, pro-family advocate and TV personality Faytene Grasseschi announced that she is running to become a Progressive Conservative Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) in the riding of Hampton-Fundy-St. Martin in New Brunswick. 

“After much deep thought and many late-night conversations with my husband and trusted friends, I have decided to put my name forward to run for office provincially,” she wrote on Facebook.  

Grasesschi, a conservative Christian, is a strong advocate for parental rights in New Brunswick, using her television program to promote pro-family values.  

She also supported New Brunswick Premier Blaine Higgs in his decision to add parental protections to the province’s Gender Identity policy for public schools. Under the new policy, parental consent would be necessary for teachers to use different names or pronouns for students under age 16.    

While Higgs was met with strong backlash from LGBT activists for this decision, he also received support and encouragement from many Canadians, including Grasesschi.  

Grasesschi spearheaded a campaign titled “Don’t Delete Parents,” which contained a petition supporting Higg’s new policy. Just weeks after it was published, the petition contained thousands of signatures.  

“His stance was a common-sense one… (but) in spite of this, Premier Blaine Higgs took a lot of heat in the media, and even from some of his own team.” Grasesschi wrote on Facebook. “I felt it was only right to give those who agreed with him a tangible way to support.”   

She characterized Higgs as a “true conservative with strong family values, but also has a strong business sense that this province has benefited from and will continue to.”  

Campaign Life Coalition’s (CLC) Jack Fonseca told LifeSiteNews, “We wholeheartedly support Faytene’s nomination run. As an MLA, she would be an amazing advocate for parental rights in education.” 

“Premier Higgs deserves MLAs like Faytene, who share his vision that parents know what’s best for their children,” he added. “She is also in alignment with public opinion in New Brunswick, which understands that state agents like teachers and principals do not love children — only mom and dad love children and are in the best position to decide what is truly good for them.” 

He added that CLC endorsed Grasseschi in her 2021 federal election campaign as a pro-life candidate.  

According to her campaign website, Grasseschi openly and proudly supports parental rights, adding, “Nothing should be hidden from loving parents when it relates to their children at school.”  

She is also an advocate for the freedom of Canadians to make informed medical decision free of coercion. She further promises to defend “parents’ rights to raise their children in accordance with their conscience.” 

The Hampton-Fundy-St. Martin provincial nomination vote is set for December, while the New Brunswick general election will take place sometime in 2024. 

To run in the general election, Grasseschi must first win a nomination vote among the PC party’s members in her riding. 

“I would encourage New Brunswickers in Faytene’s riding, and throughout the province to donate to her campaign and help ensure that she is able to advocate for childhood innocence and parental rights from a seat in the legislature!” Fonseca encouraged.   

For more information on Grasseschi’s campaign, click here.