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BOISE, Idaho, February 9, 2015 ( – A bill under consideration in Idaho would strengthen the state’s abortion safety standards by requiring abortionists to physically examine clients before prescribing abortion drugs.

Currently, Idaho’s abortion safety laws address mainly surgical abortions since they were drafted and passed before the rise of the abortion drug RU-486.  Now that chemical abortions account for nearly half of all abortions performed in the state, industry watchdogs say it’s time for the state to bring its laws up to date.

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“Idaho law has been drafted with a bias toward surgical abortions in the state,” said David Ripley of Idaho Chooses Life in an interview with the Greenfield Reporter. “Not enough attention has been paid to the use of abortion-causing drugs. That's a real problem.”

If passed, the proposed law would help ensure the safety of women who seek chemical abortions, and prevent them from being sold a bill of goods by unscrupulous abortionists like Naresh Patel of Oklahoma, who was recently charged with fraud for selling abortion pills to women who weren’t pregnant.  It would also effectively ban so-called “telemed abortions,” the abortion industry’s latest low-cost business expansion tactic, in which abortionists speak to women via internet video link before prescribing the drugs in lieu of having them come to the facility for a proper examination or a pregnancy test.

In addition to requiring a physical exam, the proposed law would also mandate that abortionists try and schedule an in-person follow-up with women who receive abortion drugs, which have a history of serious side-affects, including causing death for some women.