BARCELONA, June 24, 2011 ( – Organizers of an ongoing protest against a hospital accused of performing abortions, which has links to the Archdiocese of Barcelona, say they will proceed tomorrow with their monthly demonstration despite claims that orders have been given to end the deadly procedure at the facility.

According to the newspaper ABC, a spokesman for the archdiocese says that the board of directors has given the order to stop the abortions, which were first reported in 2010.  The statement is the first time the archdiocese has broken its silence over the matter.

Despite the practice of abortion at the Sant Pau hospital and other hospitals in the area, the archdiocese has continued to maintain representatives on the board of directors, and has stonewalled efforts by local priests to end the relationship.

A group of priests and laymen led by Fr. Custodio Ballester have organized protests in front of the facility, one of which will be held tomorrow. Despite the assurance recently given to ABC by unnamed “spokesmen” that orders have been given to end the abortions, the organizers say they will continue to protest.

“We haven’t been able to confirm said order by the Cardinal, but even so, do you think that the board of directors of the hospital of Sant Pau is going to oppose itself to the provincial government and is going to stop doing abortions, just like that?” writes the leadership of the Cross of St. Andrew association.

“Tragically, and as much as we would desire it to be so, we don’t believe it is possible,” they add.

“For that reason, we encourage you, this month more than ever, to come with your families this Saturday the 25th, to the demonstration in Barcelona in defense of unborn children, with the purpose of converting the improbable into the possible.”

Fr. Ballester told LifeSiteNews that “the leadership of the Sant Pau Hospital is very annoyed by our demonstration each 25th in front of its doors and the march that follows. The thing has become very extensively known and is hurting their reputation.”

“This is the great hypocrisy: abortion is free and is a right, but its practice continues to be shameful even for the doctors themselves,” he added.

He noted that “silence is better” for the hospital, but that the silence has been “broken” by pro-life media coverage of the scandal.  In addition to LifeSiteNews’ coverage in English, Spanish Catholic and pro-life media outlets have been reporting continuously on the issue for months.

The protest will begin at 8:30 pm. at the entrance of the Santa Creu and Sant Pau hospital, which is at the end of Gaudi Avenue at the intersection of Sant Antoni María Claret (number 167) and Cartagena. At 9 pm. protesters will march to the Holy Family Basilica, while praying the rosary.