ORANGE, CA, May 13, 2014 ( – An elderly pro-life protester standing in front of a California abortion facility was threatened with physical violence by a Planned Parenthood employee, according to a new video posted online.


The video shows a man, whom the people who filmed it identify as an abortionist, screaming at a man outside the entrance of the Orange Health Center, located at 700 South Tustin Street in Orange, California.

“Don't f—ing yell at me when I'm driving through the f—ing thing,” the man says, “or someday I'm gonna get out and sock you in the f—ing face!”

He continued that, just like the pro-life protester, “I believe in God, too.”

“I'm not a baby killer,” he said. “I supply a service. So watch your f—ing mouth.”

“This abortionist’s medical license should be immediately revoked for making threats of physical violence against a peaceful pro-life advocate practicing his first amendment rights,” Live Action President and Founder Lila Rose said.

The doctor's actions add outrage to outrage, she said. “It is already an injustice and tragedy that this abortionist is allowed by the state to dismember and destroy helpless, preborn children,” she said. “Local authorities should immediately intervene to prevent this abortionist from threatening or harming any more people.”

A description posted with the video says, “This abortionist works for Planned Parenthood of Orange in Orange, California. This took place at approximately 8:00 a.m. on Saturday May 10, 2014.” The center had three ambulance visits in the first three months of 2013.

The video does not supply either person's name. The younger man does not look or sound like John Paul McHugh, the abortionist regularly on duty at the facility.