OAK PARK, IL, April 17, 2013 ( – Dr. Cheryl Chastine hoped to remain anonymous after purchasing George Tiller's former abortion facility in Wichita, Kansas. This morning Eric Scheidler, Jill Stanek, and dozens of pro-life activists assured her quiet Chicago suburb learned about her latest work.


“Dr. Chastine's patients have a right to know she has taken on such a significant role in the abortion industry,” say signs erected by the Pro-Life Action League outside her practice, Total Wellness Inc. in Oak Park, Illinois.

“I had been hoping not to be mentioned by name,” Chastine told a member of Operation Rescue recently after being listed as the new owner of South Wind Women’s Center in Wichita.

“Here we have a woman living a double-life,” Scheidler told “Here in Oak Park in this family-centered community, she's a family practice doctor at a wellness center. But then in Wichita, Kansas, she's killing babies.”

Under Kansas law, abortion facilities have to have a doctor as a primary owner, but pro-life activists are uncertain of Chastine's actual role. Scheidler said Chastine has arranged to travel to Wichita to perform abortions there. He does not believe she performs abortions at the wellness center.

Scheidler said protesters are appealing to the humanitarian instincts that led the 31-year-old, who graduated from the University of Kentucky College of Medicine in 2009, to begin a career in the healing arts.


He told LifesiteNews, “We hope we can reach her at that level and she'll realize, 'This isn't medicine, This isn't what my heart desires. This isn't what I went to medical school for – to kill children and to face all the protests that appropriately come with that.'”

He says he believes those who attend a wellness center may object to having an abortionist provide their health care, especially in Oak Park.

“We're not here to make anybody be unemployed,” he said, “but if it's hard to be a legitimate doctor and an abortionist, if it's harder to do abortions, if we can do anything to make the practice of abortion less attractive to physicians – especially young physicians like Dr. Chastine – so much the better.”

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Abortionists, he said, deserve to suffer the loss of business and prestige. “Abortion takes the life of an unborn child in a brutal, gruesome, gory, horrific way,” he said. “It is the exact opposite of medicine, and it should be shameful.”

The 40-some protesters who arrived at the center all belong to the Pro-Life Action League, which did not advertise the event in advance to avoid a counterprotest.

However, Scheidler said it came about because those hoping to protect the unborn collaborated to learn the identity of the new owner of the abortion facility.

“I think it shows that pro-lifers are really energized for this kind of activism that really goes right to the heart of the abortion cartel,” Scheidler said.