ONTARIO, May 25, 2012 ( – Premier Dalton McGuinty’s determination to pass his government’s controversial homosexual-focused “anti-bullying” legislation before the end of this legislative session has led to more protests by parents and pro-family groups across the province.

A protest rally against Bill 13 took place at the Toronto constituency office of Liberal MPP for York Centre riding, Monte Kwinter, on Friday, May 11. Approximately 15 parents attended plus several young children.

The organizer of the rally, a mother of two young children, said she was invited into Mr. Kwinter’s office where she presented him with a written statement expressing the concerns of parents about Bill 13. With a plea to their MPP to “stop playing politics with the future of our children” the letter to Kwinter said that parents are “disappointed that our elected government would draft a Bill that would so blatantly attack and attempt to disarm and undermine [our] role as a parents. This Bill sets out to turn children against parents and parents against children on an issue that is protected under our Charter of Rights and Freedoms. That is Freedom of Religion.”

The young mother also presented Kwinter with petitions containing approximately 50 signatures urging him to vote against Bill 13.


“Some additional petition signatures were garnered while standing outside on the sidewalk and engaging passersby in conversation to educate them about Bill 13,” the organizer of the rally told LifeSiteNews. “After hearing what Bill 13 would do, several people did sign. Mr. Kwinter listened to the concerns, chatted with me and agreed to table the petitions in the legislature.”

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Two more rallies were held in downtown Toronto, at noon on Tuesday, May 23 and Wednesday, May 24, at Dundas Square near the Eatons Centre.

Organizers said that on Tuesday about 20 protesters showed up, holding signs, giving out copies of the Toronto Curriculum and collecting signatures.

“It felt like we were breaking hard ground and it was not easy – just a few very angry people and some intimidating looks,” the organizers of the rallies told LSN, But, “we also accomplished a lot in the way of sharing the information, and saw many who were clearly shocked to learn about the Bill and the curriculum.”

The organizers said that at the Wednesday rally, “there was a noticeable difference in the atmosphere – not as intimidating – much easier even though we had even more contact with the gay community.” About 25 protesters gathered at Dundas Square on Wednesday, and the organizers said they believe the palpable difference they experienced was due to prayer support.

One of the protesters reported having a “very respectful discussion with a gay man who finally understood what our complaint is about with Bill 13, and he agreed.” The protester also said that a majority of people they spoke to were opposed to the bill.

A Facebook photo album of the Bill 13 protest at Dundas Square is available here.

Sudbury saw 20 people gather on Tuesday, May 23 at the constituency office of Liberal MPP Rick Bartolucci. Jane Djivre, who organized the rally, said she and another representative of the group spoke with Bartolucci and handed the MPP a ream of petitions.

“Mr. Bartolucci responded to our concerns in a cordial way but remained rather distant and noncommittal although he received the petitions that were given,” Mrs. Djivre said.

In Ottawa, site of the final public hearings on Bill 13 by the Standing Committee on Social Policy held on Tuesday May 23 at the Marriott Hotel, a group of about 20 people attracted a lot of attention over the noon hour lunch break. Most of the protesters wore tape over their mouths while holding signs that said, “Bill 13 equals No Parental Rights.”


“A couple of us answered questions and got signatures on the petition, while the rest of the crew stood silent and prayed,” a participant told LSN.

“Media was there and took pictures,” another participant said, “… and there was a brief media interview with a local paper. The group also spent an hour in prayer – half of it in pouring rain – and felt they had made a big impact. Thank you to Pastor Colleen Noble for organizing!”

When news of the Liberal government’s intent to fast-track the bill by invoking a debate time allocation order came to light earlier this month, both the Opposition Progressive Conservatives and the New Democratic Party cried foul.

“This is anti-democratic at its core. We never support time allocation,” said New Democrat MPP Cheri DiNovo.

Pro-family activist Jack Fonseca of Campaign Life Coalition commented that the McGuinty government is “fast tracking the bill due to the uprising of parents breaking out across Ontario.”

“He hopes to cut it off by passing the bill quickly before the uprising grows,” said Fonseca, adding that, “McGuinty is showing his true colors with this undemocratic move.”

“Parents and supporters ought to flood Dalton McGuinty with a firestorm of complaints, contact their local MPP, and spread the word to everybody they know,” he concluded.

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