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ROME, June 19 (LSN) – The Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute (CAFHRI) reported today from that protests from certain countries has triggered a special debate on the proposal to include “enforced pregnancy” as a war crime in the mandate for the United Nation’s new International Criminal Court.  CAFHRI reports UN feminists said the term “enforced pregnancy” was already entrenched in the document,  and thus could not be debated any further.  The objections arose on Wednesday in the Committee of the Whole, (the body charged with negotiating the final text of the ICC treaty) and caused the issue to be referred to an “informal working group” where it could be debated. CAFHRI reports that the Libyan delegate told the Committee of the Whole that rape is already considered a war crime, and that the “enforced pregnancy” proposal would be used to promote abortion. The delegate also said it would place countries with laws against abortion in a difficult situation.