WASHINGTON, Oct 29 (LSN) – Hundreds of protesters gather daily at the sites where US President Bill Clinton entertains visiting Chinese President Jiang Zemin. Protesters decry the Chinese torture of Christians, the practice of forced abortions (within the one-child policy), and the selling of organs from executed prisoners.

Rep. Christopher Smith, recounted the Chinese government recent history of “Torture, mass public executions, forced abortion and sterilization, the arrest and imprisonment of democracy advocates and religious.’’ Critics noted that Clinton rolled out the red carpet for Jiang, while Jiang’s regime rolled out the tanks at Tiananmen Square. Demonstrators criticized not only China for its poor human rights record but also the United States for its complicity. Executive director of Amnesty International, William F. Schulz, said that the US has “in the process betrayed the highest ideals of our own American tradition’‘.