TORONTO, June 11, 2003 ( – In comments to the press today, Ontario Attorney General Norm Sterling unquestioningly agreed to register homosexual ‘marriages’.  No mention at all was made of questioning or challenging the legitimacy of the activist judges dubious decision. Asked if Ontario would register the ‘marriages’, Sterling said: “Absolutely.’’  “I’m charged to follow the laws and will follow the laws with regards to this matter.  We said during the appeal process that the Province of Ontario would follow the court ruling. We made that clear during the process,” he said.  However, since marriage is a federal matter and not within provincial jurisdiction, the federal government is contemplating appealing the ruling to the Supreme Court of Canada.  Sterling said it would be “difficult” to take away the ‘marriages’ if the Supreme Court reversed the decision.  The meek, almost enthusiastic Ontario government response was in stark contrast to that of Alberta Premier Ralph Klein.  Klein stated “If there is any move to sanctify and legalize same-sex marriages, we will use the notwithstanding clause …Period—end of story.” The clause, which allows politicians to override unpopular court decisions, has so far never been employed against a federal court ruling.  See the Ottawa Citizen coverage:   See related LifeSite coverage:  Ontario Supreme Court Imposes New Definition Of Marriage As Including Homosexuals